About Us

Our company mission is twofold: promote the healing abilities of CBD and Kratom products created by Mother Nature and create a customer and passion driven community for alternative approaches to health and wellness. The products we offer have gone through rigorous series of testing, extensive focus groups, and have proven scientific results. 

Next Phase standards are impeccable and we have set the bar extremely high when it comes to natural alternatives for pain, anxiety, stress relief and mood enhancement. Our Kratom and CBD is always “farm to customer” and our herbs are always all natural, using the highest quality ingredients. 

Next Phase is confident in its products because of the vast experience and ever increasing knowledge of heath, wellness and chemistry that it requires to provide suffering customers with exactly what they need. Next Phase gained its passion for CBD and Kratom products at the well known "The Juice Box Vape Shop” located in Holbrook, New York. From the onset, Next Phase has worked with their clientele to create a brand of CBD and Kratom products that is effective, safe and produces amazing results. 

Welcome to the Next Phase Family! We are grateful you are here and excited for you to begin your journey with us!